Survey of digital assets for project-based studies

Purpose of the Study

Projects offer situations and digital data that can be analyzed through a multitude of theoretical lenses. This research is a survey of digital assets available through a project. Specifically, it attempts to answer the following questions:

  • What are the digital assets available because of a project?
  • Why would the digital asset be a relevant source for research?
  • Who could be the sources of the data?

Participant Profile

This research will use a literature review and interviews to compile a survey of digital assets available for research through a project-context.

People that would answer such questions would be project managers, project management office staff, IT managers and engineers, project team members, procurement managers, risk managers, and financial managers.

Study Benefits

Participants with interest in understanding the factors that influence project outputs and outcomes and researchers would benefit in participating in the study.  For a small investment of time, the participants gain insights about the availability and new uses of data for project management or for social science research.

The knowledge of available digital assets offers a new approach to investigate the actual or lived experience of projects and to explain the existence and functioning of projects.


There is no payment for participation in the study.


The researcher will know the identity of the participants if they agree to participate in the study. The personal information will remain confidential and not be known to the other participants. Email addresses, telephone, and video chats will be used as the primary means of communication, if relevant. No attempt will be made to sell anything or influence participants’ thinking.

Right to Refuse or Withdraw

The decision to participate in this study is voluntary and may be stopped at any time. The participant has the right to withdraw from the study.

Right to Ask Questions and Report Concerns

The participant has the right to ask questions about the research and to have those questions answered before, during or after the research. The researcher may be contacted if there are problems or concerns that occur as a result of participation. The researcher is a member of the Academy of Management and abides by the AOM ethical standards for research and publication


The participants provide personal contact data to participate or to receive the results of the study. That information will be stored in a database system that is accessible by the researcher. In such cases, that information will only be used for the purposes in which it was collected. No sales calls will result from participation in the study.