Artificial Intelligence research

This year we presented at one conference and published three articles on artificial intelligence (AI) projects: success factors, stakeholders, and accountability. We considered the impact of the actions of project participants on society and the environment. In summary, project sponsors, project managers, & team members implementing AI systems are moral agents accountable for the harms (minor to serious, intentional or unintentional) or benefits of the systems they develop.

AI projects need:

  • Clear scope
  • Passive stakeholder representation
  • Specialized, diverse team
  • Ethic practices
  • Systematic record-keeping

Should avoid:

  • Moral hazards with suppliers
  • Black box designs
  • Moral buffers in decision-making

Must protect:

  • Data & Privacy
  • Financial & legal interests
  • Human & civil rights
  • The environment

You can find the open-source version of the articles here:

Stakeholder-Accountability Model for Artificial Intelligence Projects

Stakeholder Roles in Artificial Intelligence Projects

Artificial Intelligence Project Success Factors—Beyond the Ethical Principles

The paper Artificial Intelligence Project Success-Emerging Trends was presented at TEMSCON 2022: Societal Challenges: Technology, transitions and resilience virtual conference, April 25 – 29.2022, Izmir, Turkey.