Stakeholder Accountability Survey

Purpose of the study

Who should be accountable for ensuring computer algorithms make fair, just, and moral decisions?
Computer algorithms are used in serious situations to decide how people are treated. For example:
• Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon use algorithms to decide what you see.
• Hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies use algorithms to decide about healthcare.
• Banks use algorithms to decide about your credit.
• Police, judges, and courts use algorithms to decide legal matters

Participant Profile

This survey seeks the opinion of the general public.


There is no payment for participation in the study.


No personal details are collected. No confidentiality is provided.

Right to Refuse or Withdraw

The decision to participate is voluntary. The participant can withdraw by not selecting the done button.


The participants that submit the survey give their consent for the data to be used in the research.

Right to Ask Questions and Report Concerns

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