Project Measurement Research


The aim of this survey is to understand the how success is measured at the end of an iteration or sprint in agile projects or a phase for non-agile projects. Projects are a form of temporary organization that produces something unique and delivers a defined output that can be used.

Purpose of Study

The research should answer the following questions whose findings should have practical implications when establishing, managing, and sponsoring projects.

  • How is success measured at the end of an iteration or sprint for agile projects?
  • How is success measured at the end of a phase for non-agile projects?

Study Participation

A survey will be used to collect data for the research. The survey will be targeted at people that have participated in a project in the last 10 year. The survey should take as much as 5 and 10 minutes to complete. The results will be published in a report and included in updates to the book “Going Agile Project Management Practices.”

Benefits of Being in the Study

The survey participants benefit by:
•Providing input to advance the field and study of project management, •Providing input into a topic that may holds some professional interest and relevance,
•Anonymity in responses, and
•Limited time commitment.


There is no payment for participating in the study.


The researcher may know the identity of the participants if they agree to participate in further stages of the research. The personal information will remain confidential and not be known to the other participants. Email addresses will be used as the primary means of communication, if relevant. No attempt will be made to sell anything or influence participants’ thinking.

Right to Refuse or Withdraw

The decision to participate in this study is voluntary and may be stopped at any time. The participant has the right to withdraw from the study.

Right to Ask Questions and Report Concerns

The participant has the right to ask questions about the research and to have those questions answered before, during or after the research. The researcher may be contacted if there are problems or concerns that occur as a result of participation.


The participants may provide personal contact data to participate in further aspects of the research or to receive the survey results. That information will be stored in database system that is accessible by the researcher. In such cases, that information will only be used for the purposes in which it was collected. No sales calls will result from participation in the study. Email addresses will be used as the primary means of communication.